Is Your Business Ready for Offshoring?
Find out today.

The Art of Offshoring – Is Your Business Ready for Offshoring? – is the second among a four-part webinar series aimed at educating you and your business on how to offshore successfully. To watch our other webinars, please select from the links below:

Introduction to Offshoring
Getting Your Offshore Team Started
Achieving Offshore Success

Things you will learn from this webinar – Is Your Business Ready for Offshoring?

  • Strategic Planning
  • Process and System Review and Reengineering
  • Pilot Program and Selection of Pilot Functions
  • Technology and Connectivity
  • Change Management
  • Staff Communication

The aim of this webinar is to check whether or not your business is ready to take on offshoring. This includes the review of strategic plans, processes and even technological capabilities which is essential for doing work remotely. To access the recording, please sign up below: