Going Global

Offshoring or outsourcing a role or a team, or a whole business function is not something that is front of mind for the majority of organisations. And yet, an increasing number of businesses are discovering offshoring as an intelligent, strategic solution to a myriad of business challenges. Growing teams, increasing profitability, developing operational flexibility, and accessing a highly skilled and affordable talent pool are the main reasons that organisations choose to implement an offshoring strategy. With recent advances in digital technology and communication infrastructure, maybe it’s time for your business to take on an offshore team. Get in touch to discuss how going global could benefit your business.

Increase Profitability

By providing access to skilled, affordable resources, offshoring delivers a cost effective solution to building your workforce, reducing overheads and creating capacity within core business functions. It’s all about making investments where they get the best returns.

Competitive Edge

Offshoring is more sophisticated than simply re-locating a process based business function (although we can do that too!). It’s about maximising capability, capacity and operational efficiency. Introducing an offshore team to your organisation allows you to focus on your core business onshore. By accessing knowledge and skills that are difficult or expensive to source at home, or that are outside your core business competencies, outsourcing builds capability to focus on what you do best – and give you an edge over your competitors.


Customisation is a key advantage of offshoring. Your tailored strategy caters to your specific business requirements

Tailor the size of your team

Tailor the size of your team

It doesn’t matter if you want one person or an entire team.

Define the period of engagement

Define the period of engagement

Whether you need resources on an ongoing basis or for a finite project.

Customise your team’s schedule

Customise your team’s schedule

Your offshore team can fit into whatever time zone you need them for; providing out of hours support, or working the same hours as your onshore team.

Join the Digital Revolution

Digital technology continues to make the world seem smaller. Access to other countries both physically and virtually has never been faster or more efficient. Diversify knows how to maximise these benefits. Our communications infrastructure and support are second to none, and your interactions with your offshore team will be seamless. Join the digital revolution and let us help you break down the barriers that are holding your business back from being the best that it can be.

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