Get your offshore team started the right way.

The Art of Offshoring – Getting Your Offshore team Started – is the third among a four-part webinar series aimed at educating you and your business on how to offshore successfully. To watch our other webinars, please select from the links below:

Introduction to Offshoring
Is Your Business Ready for Offshoring?
Achieving Offshore Success

Things you will learn from this webinar – Getting Your Offshore Team Started

  • Selecting the right provider
  • Developing a roll out plan
  • Setting expectations
  • Selecting your staff
  • Investing in training
  • Developing good culture

The aim of this webinar is to educate and assist you in getting your offshore team started. This includes the development of a proper roll out plan, recruiting initial members of staff, setting expectations and developing them to become valuable and high-performing members of your team. To access the recording, please sign up below: