At Diversify,we don’t believe in a one-time setup, we will work in partnership with you from workforce strategy planning to operational excellence to ensure a highly successful offshoring strategy. Our full spectrum of support services will guide you every step of the way.

Providing you with more than just remote talent

In this digital age, talent can be found by anyone. But only Diversify has an eye in developing the right culture for your team. We will make sure that your remote team is continuously engaged and motivated for them to perform at the highest level of excellence.

100% Virtual team onboarding process

100% Virtual report systems including training, coaching and skill management.

24/7 Support Services including IT and HR systems

Comprehensive Work-From-Home Environment Assessment

Through DiversifyRemote, your offshore team will be set up in a Work-From-Home environment while connected to our secure cloud-based workforce management platform – MyDiversify.

Turn Real-Time Data into Valuable Business Insights

MyDiversify is designed to give you access to information about your team from anywhere around the globe. This will allow you to assign tasks, monitor productivity and access attendance reports down to the second.

Real-Time Attendance Monitoring

Gain access to an interactive attendance tracker that displays the latest attendance reports of your team. This feature will also enable you to update your remote team’s schedule and modify work hours to ensure full flexibility of your workforce.

Digital Productivity Checkpoints

Diversify’s client care team will assist you in monitoring your remote team’s overall daily productivity. We will conduct a regular call checkpoint with each member of your team and status updates can be viewed on your MyDiversify dashboard.

Real-Time Screenshot Technology

MyDiversify is equipped with real-time screenshot technology that will allow you to view different screens of each member of your team. Screenshots are taken automatically and are done at random intervals.

Daily End of Day Reports

MyDiversify is also designed to deliver you new insights by sending you a daily end of day report. The report highlights productivity data of each team member and the overall performance of your remote team

MyDiversify will also allow you to enjoy a wide range of features such as:

Access Key Documents

(Services Agreement, Emplopyment Agreements)

Monitor Recruitment Status

Access Salary Information

Access Training Manuals

Manage and Assign Tasks

Conduct Performance Reviews

Ticketing System

(Helpdesk Support, Recruitment & Training)

Remote data protection you can depend on

We value your data like it is our own that is why it is our goal to provide you with secure and reliable access to information that will give you a clear overview of your remote teams. Our data protection processes are backed by our multi-level approach to data security:

Anti-malware and virus prevention and detection

Site to Site VPN

BIOS Locked

Secured Data Backup Systems

Highly engaged and productive teams

Monthly office huddles are an integral part of our culture. We believe that consistent engagement with all our teams through different virtual engagement activities help foster stronger working relationships. Even in a Work-From-Home Setup, we remain committed to keeping all our teams engaged via monthly virtual huddles. Our team continue to show both their creative spirit and camaraderie in our online get-togethers and virtual events. In doing so, teams become more productive and motivated in their objectives.

What We Do Better Than Others

We don’t settle on a simple approach in helping businesses transition into an offshoring setup. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and the unique and specific goals you’re seeking to achieve. Then we collaborate with you and design a fully integrated and customised offshoring strategy that will help you get where you want to be.

Strategy Conceptualisation and Planning

Through years of experience, we have gained a clear understanding of key business processes that, through offshoring, will not only result in significant cost savings for your business but also increase the quality and efficiency of your business operations to improve your overall competitiveness in the global market. We will help you develop a detailed organisational structure assessment to provide you with an understanding of the requirements that you will need to successfully implement a remote team solution.

Remote Team Establishment

The next step in our process is to build your dedicated, remote team. Our offshore readiness assessment identifies the key roles in your business that have the greatest potential to be successfully offshored. From this, we will provide you with a detailed recruitment framework outlining the experience, skills and training required for each role in order to build your ideal offshore team. Our tried and tested talent acquisition methodology will not only cover the critical areas of staff selection but will also facilitate onboarding processes and skill development.

Data Security and Privacy Compliance

We will assess your data security and privacy compliance specifications to ensure your offshore team can operate securely and your business-critical data assets can be highly protected. Diversify will work with you to ensure you have the right combination of data security protocols and technology in place. Our dedicated IT support team will work in partnership with you to ensure that all the necessary processes are in place to not only protect your data but integrate your data security information across your entire business.

Client Readiness Support

We will provide you with a complete end-to-end solution that includes before and after support to ensure you and your business are prepared and supported throughout the offshoring process. Our client readiness support program includes the development of an internal and external communications plan to provide you with the key information you need to effectively communicate with your remote team. We also undertake a thorough process and systems review to understand how your remote teams and onshore teams will be integrated into your existing business operations.

Operational Excellence

Diversify’s involvement doesn’t stop once your remote team is up and running. We remain invested in your business for the long term and will be with you every step of the way on your road to outsourcing success. All teams are assigned to have a dedicated client care supervisor dedicated to ensuring your remote team remain engaged and happy at work while delivering what your business needs. Diversify also implements an annual training needs analysis and staff performance reviews as part of our career development program for each and every member of your remote team.

Our Clients Are Happy

“Working with the staff at Diversify is easy.”

Working with the staff at Diversify is easy. The staff are efficient, effective, and professional and strive to deliver the best outcomes for my business. Diversify work collaboratively with me to identify the best solutions for me, and then assist in implementation. They look after the entire process and then ensure that my staff is well looked after. I am extremely happy with the outcomes achieved by utilising Diversify and would recommend that organisations looking to use an offshore workforce consider them. Diversify takes the time to understand my business and then works with me to identify the best solution for my organisation.

Brad Richardson

Managing Director

“In my experience working with Diversify, the staff are extremely professional and very easy to deal with.”

In my experience working with Diversify, the staff is extremely professional and very easy to deal with. They are always quick to respond to any queries with no question being too difficult, making the process from recruitment to staff management flawless. We are very happy with our staff in Manila and the way Diversify looks after them. I would recommend Diversify to anyone looking to engage staff offshore.

Lauren Petty

Human Resource Manager

“The team at Diversify are an excellent partner in helping us plan and implement our human capital strategy.”

They provide a responsive end to end solution which means we have the flexibility and capacity we need to maintain a competitive advantage in our industry. Their strategic expertise, recruitment insights, and cultural awareness are strengths that we rely on to build value in our organization through the development of our extended workforce.

Michael Burke

Managing Director, Liquid Interactive

“I have pleasure in advising that my experience with Diversify over the past 18 months has significantly exceeded my initial expectations with our offshore team now forming an integral part of our business.”

The skills and commitment of the Diversify staff members are the equals of those in parallel positions in our Australian offices that they support. They are eager to learn and to engage with other members of the firm and take on our culture.

The premises, together with the professional management, training, and recruitment of staff, constitute a professional environment that results in quality results.
I would be happy to refer anyone considering outsourcing to your service.

Col Archer

Chairman, Archers

“In my experience working with Diversify, the staff are extremely professional and very easy to deal with.”

Operating in a very competitive and price-sensitive FMCG market means that one of the challenges with Dominos’ growth has been to continue to improve on and add to both its customer engagement and franchisee services while also containing its costs and maintaining its profit margins in a high-volume low-margin business.

Dominos has used the opportunities presented by offshoring through Diversify to add substantially to its customer engagement program and franchisee support services without significantly increasing its operational fixed costs and without the need for a major capital injection. In addition, Dominos has sourced offshore staff for more senior support roles who have possessed skills and expertise that have been otherwise difficult to find in Australia.

Vanessa Parker

Group Financial Controller

“We now have an offshore team of more than 100 talented and passionate people which the Diversify Talent and Client Services teams have been central to recruiting and developing.”

Temple & Webster first started working with Diversify in early 2017. Since then we have developed a truly strategic partnership that has positively shifted the way we support our customers. We now have an offshore team of more than 100 talented and passionate people in which the Diversify Talent and Client Services teams have been central to recruiting and developing.

The Diversify team is dedicated and consistently goes above and beyond to deliver the best outcome for Temple & Webster and our people. Building the right culture and developing the right skills in an offshore team has its challenges, but I am pleased to say that working with Diversify as a partner has been genuinely collaborative and we’ve overcome every challenge to deliver
a better experience for our customers and a great outcome for our business.

Adam McWhinney

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer

“The team at Diversify helped to simplify the complex in establishing our offshore presence in Manila.”

The team at Diversify helped to simplify the complex in establishing our offshore presence in Manila. Their collaborative and personal approach guided us through each step in the process, delivering positive outcomes, and strengthening the capabilities of our team. They have also helped us to adapt to the technical environment as our offshore presence increased, ensuring we are able to deliver the right technical tools for our offshore team. I would recommend Diversify as a great starting point to explore offshoring opportunities.

Jeremy Collins

National Information Technology Manager

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