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Get an insight into the offshore workforce of the future!

Take your time to explore our city to learn more about what the future distributed workplace looks like, how offshore staffing works and what it can do for your business. The benefits offshore staff offer to your business include:

  • Savings of 70-80 per cent.
  • Allowing you to grow your business without significant capital investment or increasing fixed overheads.
  • Increasing your core staff depth, freeing up resourcing bottlenecks, improving data analysis, adding capacity ahead of demand and increasing customer engagement.
  • Running your business. 24/7/365.
  • Insourcing functions you've previously outsourced (such as SEO, telemarketing, and social media management) for less than you're currently paying external providers.
  • Operating internationally with centralised and standardised processes and functions.
  • Exploring new business models where you reimagine how you work and the value proposition for your customers.
  • Focusing on what matters to you by taking removing onerous or process-driven tasks from local staff allowing them to work on your core priorities.
  • Developing staff careers by letting them manage offshore workers and develop their managerial skills.
  • Access to well educated experienced staff who may not be readily available locally.

Hit the ground running

We have the infrastructure and we're not afraid to use it!

Metro-Manila has been home to offshoring and outsourcing for nearly 30 years and, as a result, is a mature market with high-quality infrastructure. It has also been recognised in many leading reports as one of the leading offshoring destinations in the world.

In Tholon's' 2014 review of the top 100 outsourcing destinations Metro-Manila was rated number two, behind only Bangalore in India. Major cities with adequate, stable infrastructure and a well-educated labour pool remained the best performers among those surveyed in this report with regional areas not performing as well.

In Metro-Manila you will find:

  • Multiple ISPs with high speed internet.
  • A grade commercial buildings with full backup systems.
  • An offshoring ready, university educated labour pool of more than four million.
  • Excellent international hotels and restaurants.
  • Multiple staff transport options.
  • Reliable power, water and other amenities.
  • Flood free working areas.

Check out the neighbours and see who is already here!

Remember, offshoring isn't a new thing, it's been a round for a while...

Accenture pioneered using Filipino staff when they set up operations in Manila in 1994. Today Accenture alone employs more than 40,000 staff in the Philippines...

Large organisations have been realising the benefits of an offshore team for a long time. What was once the domain of large business is now more accessible than ever due to the rapid advancement of technology and the breakdown of traditional communication barriers. Now, businesses of all shapes and sizes, operating in a diverse range of industries, are using offshore teams.

You might be surprised to know how extensive the list is of well-known companies who have staff in the Philippines:

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Take a look at the workplace of the future!

The traditional workplace is changing, and quickly. Where workplaces used to be defined by their physical premises, today they are more limited by technology than bricks and mortar.

Hot desks, working hubs, remote log in, mobile devices, cloud computing and paperless offices are just some of the things making it possible to do work from anywhere at any time. The possibilities which flow from this for business are enormous. No longer do we need lots of expensive city space to run a large organisation. Seats can be shared, staff can work from home, and low-cost offshore workers can be engaged virtually.

Also, video conferencing, an array of online collaboration tools and high-speed internet are making virtual collaboration easier and more accessible than ever. Where only five years ago working remotely often involved slow connection speeds, frequent drop-outs and expensive technology now cloud-based computing systems and high-speed connections are making the quality of the virtual working experience as good as the real one.

As the flexibility of working arrangements increases so too does the range of contracting arrangements. No longer are staff just employed to work full time. Whether it be working part time on an hourly rate, being paid on some measure of output or even being engaged as a non-exclusive specialist (who may also even do work for competitors) the range of staffing options are only limited by one's imagination.

When properly embraced these changes can significantly improve both the speed and efficiency with which work is done without compromising quality. This, of course, can, in turn, result in reduced cost to customers and better overall business outcomes.

Many start-ups are fully embracing these opportunities. Some are setting up with a small or even no central office and are performing nearly all of their services through a distributed workplace bound together by a central technology platform.

As we become more accustomed to working this way, the potential to tap into the significant cost savings from the use of offshore labour becomes more possible. Consider that a staff member in the Philippines is likely to cost less than one fifth of a comparable employee in Australia but be as good and you can start to understand the possibilities.

The workplace as we know it is changing quickly and businesses that choose to embrace this change will grow and prosper.

The Diversify Job Fair

Visit the Diversify job fair and meet the people who can deliver true value to your business.

Consider the Philippines one, gigantic job fair with a pool of over 500,000 highly educated and skilled graduates. We connect you with this workforce. We explore the job market for the best tertiary qualified employees the Philippines has to offer. Yes, you heard it - tertiary qualified.

At Diversify, we only offer tertiary qualified candidates to our clients. That's the Diversify difference. Better yet, we only have offices in Metro-Manila meaning the calibre of our talent pool is industry leading. What does this mean for you? It means your offshore team is built with the best candidates from the best talent pool which equates to your offshore program being successful from the start.

There are many roles that your business could consider offshoring. From digital marketing and website development through to entire finance functions encompassing trained accountants, payroll staff and accounts payable. The opportunities are endless.

The Diversify Library

Learn & Grow - An educated workforce with the skills to enhance your business.

Staff education, training, professional development and experience form the backbone of any successful business. At Diversify, we pride ourselves on providing our teams with access to a rewarding educational environment focused on professional and personal development. We strive to ensure our client's offshore team members have access to industry leading educational programs and resources ensuring they continue to grow as value adding members of their teams.

Why do we offer this? The Philippines is a country with a focus on tertiary education. With the third largest university graduate pool in the world, behind only China and India, and with more than four million workers already having experience working for Western businesses, the Philippines can offer exceptional talent to your business. Importantly, Filipino workers like to be challenged and to grow as both professionals and people. Having access to rewarding educational programs is critical to keep them engaged, and ultimately, retained.

The Philippines is a young country with a population of nearly 104 million. It has an average age of only 22 and has almost 500,000 university graduates each year meaning there is likely to be a significant pool of qualified staff available for a very considerable time to come.

The rise of online learning is now making it possible for Filipino staff to obtain western qualifications directly in a virtual learning environment. Aiding this is an increase in the number of Western universities who have lecturers and trainers based in the Philippines to assist in the provision of this education.

Discover more about Filipino staff

Filipino staff make excellent employees for a range of reasons:

  • The Philippines was an American colony for 50 years and as a result, they are very "western" in attitude and approach.
  • 94% English literacy.
  • The third largest university graduate pool in the world with nearly 500,000 graduates annually and a broad range of education.
  • They have been working for western businesses for nearly 30 years.
  • Filipinos are very loyal and hard working.