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Build Your Own Offshore
Finance and Accounting Team

Finance and accounting tasks are as crucial as they are demanding.
Not only do they add pressure for your in-house team to keep up
with, but they also serve as a distraction from your core business
functions. They will only escalate from there as your business grows.
Learn how having your own offshore finance and accounting team
can help you make data-driven decisions that will accelerate
business growth.

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Offshore Finance and Accounting Roles

General Accounting

General Accounting

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable



Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Off shore general Accountants

Offshore General Accountants

Average monthly salary starts at USD $635 per month

A General Accountant gathers and analyses financial information
for purposes such as bookkeeping, financial reports, or any ad
hoc task. They assure that reports and kept records are set to
compliance standards and requirements for your business. We can
help you source candidates with roles ranging from offshore
General Accountants, Tax Accountants and Certified Public

offshire accunts payable specialists

Offshore Accounts Payable Specialists

Average monthly salary starts at USD $735 per month

The Accounts Payable (AP) Specialists are responsible for the
preparation and payment of goods and services provided. Through
analyzing, completing, and reconciling invoices, they properly
monitor and control company expenses. We can source your AP team
with dedicated AP Specialists, Processors, and Billings

offshore bookeepers

Offshore Bookkeepers

Average monthly salary starts at USD $635 per month

The bookkeeper is responsible for managing bank functions
such as reconciliations, daily entry posting, contacting them
for transaction queries, and providing inventory support. They
also handle clerical/administrative tasks like data entry,
maintaining files, and preparing reports.

offshore accounts receivable

Offshore Accounts Receivable Specialists

Average monthly salary starts at USD $933 per month

The role of an Accounts Receivable (AR) Specialist is to
ensure company cash flow and revenue by communicating
and billing client invoices. AR specialists manage and track
incoming payments into a well-maintained record of
company revenue and profit. We help source a team of AR
Specialists such as AR Processors, AR Collections Specialists,
or Cash Application Specialists.

offshire finance analysts

Offshore Finance Analysts

Average monthly salary starts at USD $655 per month

A Financial Analyst studies large amounts of data to create reports and consult on necessary fiscal strategies. They may specialize in a specific area or industry in conducting proper research on market developments. There are different specialized financial analysts that we can source such as Portfolio Managers, Budget Analysts, or Corporate Development Analysts.

Our Clients

We work in partnership with clients globally across a wide range of industries

The Diversify

Our distinctively different approach to offshoring
will enable you to build your own offshore finance
and accounting team with more control and
transparency. Through the support of a dedicated
offshore team, your onshore team will be able to
focus on implementing strategic initiatives that
will further drive growth to your business.


More control over your offshore team

You will still be involved in the hiring process and employee training towards your business goals.


Full cost transparency

Our pricing is transparent, detailed, and straightforward. This lets you see the exact value you're getting with our services.


High employee engagement rate

Our annual staff satisfaction survey has run at 92% or more every year since its commencement, 16% more than the industry average.


Specialist in large teams

Scale up your offshore team with ease and on a more cost effective approach, keeping up with the growth of your onshore business.


Global Visibility

Your offshore team brings in diverse perspectives and insights that prepares your business to be globally competitive.

Diversify is a leading ISO certified offshoring services provider committed to operational excellence

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