Learn the basics about offshoring from the offshoring experts.

The Art of Offshoring – Introduction to Offshoring – is the first among a four-part webinar series aimed at educating you and your business on how to offshore successfully.

The aim of this webinar is to equip you with a broad and foundational understanding of offshoring in a manner that is concise and is easy to understand – all within 30 minutes.

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Things you will learn from this webinar – Introduction to Offshoring:

  • What is offshoring?
  • Offshoring versus Outsourcing
  • The importance of location
  • Why the Philippines?
  • Roles that you can offshore
  • The risks and benefits

We hope that by undergoing these series of webinars, you will be able to discover the opportunities that an offshore team can assist your business with; from expanding your business without increasing fixed costs to getting the edge over your competition by playing on a global stage. To access the recording, please sign up below: