Empower your business through the Art of Offshoring

Learn how to leverage the power of dynamic offshore teams

The way business is done is evolving rapidly with change being the only constant. As digital technology continues to break down geographical barriers, more and more businesses are utilising the power of an offshore, extended global workforce.

Access our highly informative webinars below to learn how to get the most out of your offshore team. Or if you are still considering offshoring, find out how Offshoring can potentially help your business grow.

An offshore workforce can assist your business:

Saving up to 70% on the cost of employing someone locally

Expand your business without increasing your fixed costs

Access skills and experience you may not have access to locally

Get the edge over your competition and play on the global stage

In this informative and practical webinar series, we will take you through the entire process; from understanding what offshoring is and what roles you can offshore through to technology implementation, selecting the right location and managing your team for success!

Investigating the potential of an offshore team can be a daunting process. We know, we’ve already done it which is why we’ve created ‘The Art of Offshoring’; a four-week, 30-minute, offshoring webinar series aimed at educating you and your business on how to offshore successfully.

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