Let’s go towards achieving offshore success!

The Art of Offshoring – Achieving Offshore Success – is the last among a four-part webinar series aimed at educating you and your business on how to offshore successfully.

We’ll show how achieving offshore success is dependent on how well you manage your offshore team members. Learn how effective management and cultural collaboration can lead to deeper staff development and retention as they become highly-valued assets to your company. To watch our other webinars, please select from the links below:

Introduction to Offshoring
Is Your Business Ready for Offshoring?
Getting Your Offshore Team Started

Things you will learn from this webinar – Achieving Offshore Success:

  • Developing cross-cultural collaboration and understanding
  • Effectively engaging with and managing your offshore teams
  • Performance management and career path development
  • Issue resolution
  • Staff skill development
  • Staff retention

We hope that by undergoing these series of webinars, you will be able to discover the opportunities that an offshore team can assist your business with from expanding your business without increasing fixed costs to getting the edge over your competition by playing on a global stage. To access the recording, please sign up below: