Diversify Sends Relief to Typhoon Haima Victims

During the week of October 19th, the Philippines was struck by typhoon Haima that affected most of the northern parts of the country. The typhoon – given the local name Lawin – brought powerful sustained winds and massive rainfall to areas like Isabela, Cagayan and Benguet while also drawing many comparisons to Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Although Manila and Diversify felt very minimal effects of the storm, Haima affected an estimated 60,000 families and caused over $52 million in damages.

On October 25th, a donation drive was formed in Diversify to gather and send relief goods to those affected by Typhoon Haima. The initiative, led by our own Mary Ann Ronquillo, sought to gather donations from anyone in Diversify over the next few days, whether it was food, clothes or toys for children. Monetary donations were also accepted in order to purchase other essentials like canned goods, food packs, biscuits, toiletries, mosquito repellent coils and medicines. Water purification tablets were also sent since there was also a shortage of drinking water in the affected areas.

For Mary Ann, a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Diversify, the initiative also had some personal motivations behind it.

“My mom lives in Tuguegarao City (one of the major areas affected by Haima), and this was my way of saying thank you for keeping her safe amidst the super typhoon.”

Knowing that help had not arrived in some of the remote areas of Cagayan and relief goods were short at the time, she coordinated with a friend who was a councilor in one of the affected areas who was also overseeing a feeding program there. She recounts that the donations were supposed to be sent along with people who were going home to Cagayan. However, with the overwhelming number of contributions coming from Diversify and from friends Mary Ann had also asked help from, there simply wasn’t enough space in the transport to carry all the boxes at once. Instead, the relief goods were shipped through a bus company that offered courier services. Arriving on October 30th, the donations were picked up and repacked that night a team.

Some of the families receiving the relief goods that arrived.

Some of the families receiving the relief goods that arrived.


In total, the relief goods served at least 50 households. The teams who distributed the goods sent Mary Ann their regards and their heartfelt thanks to the people who donated.

Despite the severe damage brought about by Super Typhoon Haima, most of the people survived with a significantly lower number of casualties compared to Typhoon Haiyan. The bigger challenge now is for the community to recover from this calamity, but Filipinos have always been very resilient by nature.

Diversify unveils new logo, location with launch event

On Friday July 29th, we celebrated the opening of our brand new office space, the launch of our new Diversify website and the rebranding of the company as a premiere offshoring service provider in the Philippines.

Located in the new 24/7 McKinley Building within the rapidly developing Bonifacio Global City, the new office space redefines the concept of the traditional offshoring facility.

The new fit-out has been designed to be welcoming, foster innovation and collaboration and build a culture that drives performance.

Ultimately, the new facility has been shaped as a place our people are proud to work at and underpins our commitment to giving you access to this workforce of the future; your extended global workforce based in the Philippines.

CEO Angela Vidler together with some of the staff that make up Diversify. See more photos from the event here.


To commemorate the launch of both our new brand and the new facility we held a party in the rooftop space of our new building. With some of our valued clients, partners and a huge number of employees in attendance, we wanted to make sure we marked the moment.

To kick off the celebrations clients and business partners were taken on a tour of the new facility before being taken to the rooftop area to celebrate with the rest of the Diversify team.

The new office space redefines the concept of the traditional offshoring facility

During the event, we reflected on the successes of the past year – a new brand & website, our second facility and continued growth. None of it would be possible without our dedicated staff and clients and we shared our thanks with them. It was a wonderful night of food, laughter and entertainment where we were even treated to an incredible performance by one of our very own team members.

The evening was also an opportunity to give everyone a first look at our new corporate video. Check it out here!

We also had a film crew in attendance, and in the coming days, we’ll share some of the great footage and photos from the event.

It was a wonderful night of food, laughter and entertainment

With our brand new, well-equipped location, we are more than excited to give businesses an opportunity to get started with offshoring. We want to help you develop your business further with an offshoring staff that is skilled, hardworking and motivated. If you have an interest in offshoring for your business or want to learn more about it, get in touch with us today to learn more.

Determined to Grow

Over the past two years, Diversify has experienced significant strides that have made it grow into a top offshoring company. We have achieved this by focusing on high quality tailored solutions underpinned by a culture of innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement.

To support our growth and development, we have increased the depth of our leadership team with Angela Vidler joining us as the new CEO. Angela will work alongside Diversify’s Managing Director to ensure that as the business continues to grow, we stay committed to achieve our strategic business goals, whilst maintaining and improving operational efficiency.

About Angela

Angela holds both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Business and has extensive experience working for large professional services businesses, including PwC and King & Wood Mallesons. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of finance, human resources management, and general management issues having held a range of key executive positions throughout her career to date.

Angela’s proven multi-disciplinary experience ensures that Diversify’s key functions operate in an integrated process-driven manner. This integrated approach ensures that more time can be invested in increasing client service levels and promoting growth at Diversify.

A team dedicated to deliver

Angela will work closely with our teams in Manila to grow, develop and deliver the most innovative solutions for your offshore workforce. Increased focus will be placed on investing the time and effort into not only making Diversify grow, but enabling your business to extract the most value from your offshore business strategy.

Feet on the ground

Practical, on the ground interaction is the only true way to promote innovation, identify improvements and build relationships. As such, Angela will be based in Manila from now until December. During her stay, she will immerse herself in Diversify’s day to day operations and further develop her understanding of the Philippine offshoring market.