An Unforgettable Valentines At Diversify

Valentines celebrations are always extra special at Diversify. It’s considered a “major huddle” in the company, and often shows off how creative team members can be. As we have grown over the years so too has the size of our celebrations guaranteeing this year would be bigger than ever. As each site displayed during Valentines week, it was going to be fun celebrating Valentines with Diversify.

Diversify Plays Matchmaker

In our Makati office, Diversify held a special dating game but with a few twists. The setup was a standard one: A mystery bachelor fielded questions from three contestants who were also “looking for love.” Based on their answers, the bachelor had to choose one contestant after the all questions had been asked.

In true Diversify form, there were sudden twists that surprised both the audience and participants. A fourth, unannounced contestant joined in, while the other contestants changed their voices to add more mystery to their personality. For those present that afternoon, it was indeed the most animated Diversify team members have ever been for one huddle.

A Double Celebration

This year, Valentines Day fell around the season of another major celebration: Chinese New Year. With the festive atmosphere and extensive use of red, it was a good idea to fuse both Chinese New Year and Valentines day celebrations. Organizers put up a “Wall of Appreciation” where Diversify employees were free to write anything that they appreciated. These appreciation statements varied from their family, fellow teammates or their general work place. The teams also enjoyed playing a game of “Copycat” where they watched small clips from different movies they had to re-enact. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, employees were treated to some delicious Chinese food.

Hollywood Comes To Diversify

Meanwhile, Hollywood’s brightest stars came out to celebrate Valentines in our BGC site. Some famous celebrity couples – from Daenerys and Drogo, to Joker and Harley – showed us how iconic stars celebrated Valentines. It was a huddle that was equal parts classy, entertaining and educational for everyone that was there.

Diversify pulled out all the stops to make one Friday afternoon feel like a Hollywood party, complete with fine dining and a photo booth for our guests. With a showbiz themed trivia game and a red carpet for couples to strut their stuff, it was a very eventful start to another weekend.

A Festive Valentines

So as you can see, Valentines week was quite the celebration at Diversify! Everyone gave it their all to make sure it was another memorable event on the Diversify calendar. More than that, it was a great way to finish off another big week at Diversify with friends and co-workers.

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